Blue sky installation : openFrameworks + Kinect for Headspace

For the last month or so I’ve been freelancing at Headspace, creating an interactive window for them at Selfridges on Oxford St.

I’ll post a bigger write up (and video) in a few days, but here are some photos from when we installed and unveiled the window last night.

For those after technical details, it’s an openFrameworks application, using an XBox Kinect and powered by a MacBook Pro.








The installation will be in the window on Oxford St. for the next 8 weeks or so – head down and check it out!

(Design by Anna Charity & strategy by the fantastic team at Headspace. Photos courtesy of Oli @ Captive.)

Mixing Video and Audio

So recently I had a flash of an idea, opened up Chrome Canary and started messing around with the bleeding edge of HTML5.

The basic idea was to use audio to disrupt some video.
The louder the audio, the more disrupted the video becomes.

After a few hours, it looked like this.
And now, it looks a little something like this :

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FaceArcade : You only need a face to play

For the last couple of weeks, visitors to Resn HQ have been, well… a little worried.
Instead of the usual eloquent, respectful and mild-mannered young gentlemen, they’ve been welcomed by what can only be described as rabid, psychotic fiends with flailing limbs, spouting gibberish about a “Techo Yawn” and a “Hypno Cat”.

Fear not though, all can be explained by our latest project.
It all started when Google challenged us to join their hackathon and have some fun with a new version of their Hangouts API.
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Flash Font Embedding Using MXMLC Compilation

Ever since the early days of Flash, embedding fonts and supporting both multiple and large characters sets has been somewhat of a sticking point. Whilst support for various intricacies of font loading and embedding has gradually improved with each version, there are some inherent difficulties.

One big difficulty is handling the embedding of large character sets such as Japanese and Chinese.

This post will present the fully automated font embedding solution we used for a 500 page site available in eleven languages (including Traditional Chinese and Japanese) which is regularly updated by users of a bespoke CMS.

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Flash Data Transfer using FluorineFx

Recently at specialmoves, we’ve worked on some very large, multi-language, bespoke CMS driven sites. The Flash versions of these sites require many calls to the back-end (.NET) to send and retrieve data.

One approach would have been to transfer all of this data in XML or JSON. However we turned to FluorineFx which is a Flash (and Flex) remoting framework for .NET which facilitates data transfer using AMF (ActionScript Message Format.) It is similar in functionality to BlazeDS (for Java) and ZendAMF (for PHP).

This article is going to show how easy it is to use Fluorine in a Flash site, and introduce the ActionScript classes we’ve written to make it even simpler!

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