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2016 - 2017

Antidate launched with a unique take on dating in a pre-Tinder world. However, by 2016, with a new breed of competition in the industry and many online daters feeling fatigued and apathetic, it was time for a pivot.

I joined at this point and worked directly with the founders to explore new ideas and opportunities for the app, consulting with mentors at a leading digital product company using a lean canvas methodology.

We worked quickly to design and document a brand-new app and back-end from scratch. And within a few months, working closely with a third party vendor who built the app, we launched Antidate v2!

The new app takes a real-world approach to dating - utilising a user's location and our custom venue database to recommend venues and users, encouraging "Antidaters" to meet IRL rather than endlessly swiping and scrolling.

My role

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The Antidate app