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Front-end Architect & Technical Lead, +rehabstudio

2015 & 2017

The Digital Garage is an online educational platform, created by Google, aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses improve their digital skills.

The project was built on top of Google's Course Builder platform, but with a completely custom front-end, able to be translated into any language and customised for any market. So far, the platform has launched in over 40 markets around the world and has over 2 millions users.

Joining the project at the start of the development phase, my role was the Front-end Architect and Technical Lead of a team of 6 developers, spread across 2 companies and 3 countries.

Using a component based Angular.js approach, I simultaneously created the project architecture, as well as training and educating the rest of the team who hadn't worked with Angular before.

The project's build system used Webpack, Gulp and NPM scripts. We launched with 94% test coverage, using Karma, Mocha, Chai and Sinon as the test framework.

For more info, read +rehabstudio's case study .

My role

Tech used: Angular.js, Webpack, Gulp, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Jinja, CircleCI

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