Google Live Cases

Technical Lead, +rehabstudio

2015 - 2016

Working with the team at Rehabstudio, we took Live Cases from an initial concept to a fully featured prototype.

When creating a Live Case, a user can choose a content source (photos, maps) and design their case in 3D in the browser. There is also an Android app that ships with the case, allowing the case to act as a one-tap shortcut!

Challenges of the project included colour matching the online tool with the printed cases, creating a high quality 3D render, creating just as high a quality pseudo 3D (2D) fallback and creating bespoke styles using a Google Map.

As Technical Lead of 15 developers, we rapidly iterated and improved the product. Delivering a mobile first, secure and scalable prototype with wide browser support. This prototype was then used by another team as the basis for the site that was deployed to production.

My role

Tech used: Angular.js, Webpack, Gulp, Karma, Jasmine

A concept design for Live Cases
A concept design for Live Cases - positioning the map
A concept design for Live Cases - choosing a map style
A concept design for Live Cases - viewing in 3D
A grid of Google Live Cases
A Photos Live Case
A Places Live Case