Museum of the Future,
Prime Minister's Office, UAE

Project Lead & Creative Technologist, Tellart


Working with the international dream teams of Tellart and Fabrica, my role on this project was to lead the production of the Future of Healthcare space, one of 5 spaces within this exhibition focused on envisioning how government may use technology to provide first class services to their citizens in the future.

Making key creative and technical decisions, I worked directly with a wide variety of skilled people, from laser cutters, glass blowers, industrial designers and furniture fabricators to graphic designers, developers and the Prime Minister's office of Dubai!

Using a combination of Kinects, Arduinos, touch and proximity sensors, huge TVs, two-way mirrors and a marble sink, we created a futuristic vision of a daily health check up.

For more info, read Tellart's case study .

My role

Tech used: openFrameworks, Arduino, Kinect

A close up of the mirrow
Visitors viewing part of the exhibition
Part of the Future of Home Healthcare installation at the Government Summit in Dubai