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Invisible Museum
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Google's The Digital Garage
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Google & rehabstudio
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Museum of the Future
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Headspace iPad app
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No Noise at Selfridges
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Ballantine's iPad web app
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Technical Director

Over 10 years experience in digital creativity at all levels.

Management & Leadership

  • Managing projects from brief to delivery
  • Leading builds of any sort of interactive project :
    mega-sites, mini-sites, experiential sites, apps and installations
  • Working in a client facing role
  • Managing teams of developers


  • Most major javascript frameworks:
    React, Angular, Backbone, Knockout, JQuery, custom frameworks
  • ES6, Babel, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Browserify
  • CSS, Sass, PostCSS, Less
  • Mobile web app development
  • Concepting and ideation
  • Prototyping, R&D


  • Node.js, Express, MongoDB
  • iOS native development
  • openFrameworks, Kinect & C++
  • Arduino

Qualcomm's The Invisible Museum, with Nexus Interactive Arts

October 2015 - January 2016 / Freelance / Technical Director
Technical leadership, team management, client facing, agile/scrum process, installation setup
Invisible Museum

With the goal of showcasing how prevalent Qualcomm's technologies are, I worked with the team at Nexus Interactive Arts to create an immersive augmented reality experience which is now touring the world at major events such as CES in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Working as the Technical Director of a small team (2 Unity developers, 1 producer, 1 creative director) we created an Android app using Unity, that contained a huge amount of high quality and detailed 3D animations, that brought each of the six AR scenes to life.

The Digital Garage by Google

May 2015 - September 2015 / Freelance / Front-end Architect & Technical Lead
Front-end project architecture, technical leadership, training/education, Angular.js, Webpack
The Digital Garage  Grow Greek Tourism Online

The Digital Garage is an online educational platform, created by Google, aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses improve their digital skills.

The project was built on top of Google's Course Builder platform, but with a completely custom front-end, able to be translated into any language and customised for any market. So far, the platform has launched in the UK, France, Spain, Greece and Poland, with even more markets set to come online soon.

Joining the project at the start of the development phase, my role was the Front-end Architect and Technical Lead of a team of 6 developers, spread across 2 companies and 3 countries.

Using a component based Angular.js approach, I simultaneously created the project architecture, as well as training and educating the rest of the team who hadn't worked with Angular before.

The project's build system used Webpack, Gulp and NPM scripts. We launched with 94% test coverage, using Karma, Mocha, Chai and Sinon as the test framework.

Google & rehabstudio : R&D / Product development

August 2014 - May 2015 / Freelance / Technical Lead
Technical leadership, team management, agile/scrum process, technical architecture, Angular.js, Browserify, Gulp
rehabstudio logo

This project was a top secret R&D/prototyping project for Google, so I can't go in to too many details.

Summary :

  • Technical Lead of a team of 15 developers, spanning front-end, back-end and mobile platforms
  • Responsible for implementing team processes (using agile/scrum methodologies) as well as release and change/scope management.
  • Architected complex front-end platform, as well as 2 products built on top of this platform. A third party also built their own product on this platform
  • Front-end tech stack: Angular JS, Browserify, Gulp, SASS

The Museum of the Future : Healthcare

November 2013 / Freelance / Project Lead and Creative Technologist
Project leadership, openFrameworks, Arduino, Kinect
Museum of the Future image Museum of the Future image

Working with the international dream teams of Tellart and Fabrica, my role on this project was to lead the production of the Future of Healthcare space, one of 5 spaces within this exhibition focused on envisioning how government may use technology to provide first class services to their citizens in the future.

Making key creative and technical decisions, I worked directly with a wide variety of skilled people, from laser cutters, glass blowers, industrial designers and furniture fabricators to graphic designers, developers and the Prime Minister's office of Dubai!

Using a combination of Kinects, Arduinos, touch and proximity sensors, huge TVs, two-way mirrors and a marble sink, we created a futuristic vision of a daily health check up.

Ballantine's iPad web app installation

July 2013 / Freelance / iOS web app developer
Backbone.js, Require.js, CSS3, HTML5, Objective-C

As part of a temporary bar within Zurich Airport, Ballentine's required an iPad app to serve as a menu, provide product information and to complement a separate interactive installation.

Built using web technologies, using CSS3 animations to keep things smooth and snappy, the app hooked into custom APIs to load data and was engineered to allow easy maintenance and updating.

Due to complexities with sharing and social networks on a public device, the web app sat within a custom Objective-C native shell, which managed different web views and their session information.

Technical Director / CTO at Headspace

October 2013 - April 2014 / Freelance / Technical Director

Technical leadership, product development

Headspace image

As freelance Technical Director at Headspace, I was responsible for the technical aspects of the creation of their new product.

During my time at Headspace, I put the foundations in place to ensure a smooth transition from a third party, off the shelf technical system to a bespoke solution, as well as working with third parties to develop the brand new bespoke solution.

On top of this, I responded to technical issues (such as a DDOS attack!), helped guide ongoing product development decisions from a technical point of view, and worked on specific internal projects, as highlighted below.

"Matt has been an awesome addition to the team, adding a very grown up approach to our new product development. We have loved having him around and we are really sad to see him go. I would highly recommend his services to anyone." Rich Pierson, Co-founder at Headspace

Headspace 'Pod' iPad app

March 2013 / Freelance / iOS native app developer
Objective-C, native iOS development, installation setup
Headspace Pod app screenshot

As part of an installation that moved between offices as varied as large investment banks and children's charities, Headspace needed an iPad app to showcase their unique and inspiring content.

Working with their design team, I created a simple native app that allowed users to browse a selection of video and audio content. The app was built in a way that made sure it was simple to evolve and update, meaning that Headspace's in-house team could re-skin and update the app for new clients or installations in the future.

No Noise at Selfridges for Headspace

December 2012 / Freelance / Creative Technologist

openFrameworks, Kinect, C++, OpenGL shaders (GLSL)

It's not every day that you're briefed to promote mindfulness and meditation on 180inches of pixels on Europe's busiest street.

As part of a brand partnership with Selfridges to promote their No Noise campaign, I worked with Headspace to create an interactive installation on Oxford Street to encourage passersby to take a moment to pause.

Starting with a noisy scene made out of a cloud particle system that shows silhouettes of passersby, the installation springs into life when someone takes a moment to pause in front of it. The clouds explode and disperse, before re-forming to show the tag line, "No matter how many clouds, the blue sky is always there" and to invite the user inside the store.


September 2012 / Freelance / Creative Technologist

RequireJS, HTML5, Backbone.js, WebGL, Three.js

Screenshot of one of my experiments

Now I'm back in London, I'm experimenting with new technology between freelance jobs. Check out the fruits of my labour below!

Best Fish Guide - PhoneGap iOS app

March 2012 / Resn / Lead Developer, Prototyper & Technical Director

Backbone.js, Underscore.js, PhoneGap, iOS, Sass

Best Fish Guide app screenshots Best Fish Guide app screenshots
March 2012 · Resn

Are you stood in the supermarket right now wondering which fish to choose? Do you want to make sure that the fish was caught sustainably? Well you're in luck.

The Best Fish Guide iPhone application shows a wide variety of fish along with an easy to understand rating to help you choose. Do you normally go for a 'bad choice'? The app will suggest good alternatives to help you change your ways.

Created for the charity Forest and Bird, flexibility and re-usability of the code was key. The app is built using PhoneGap, and whilst currently only available for iOS, an Android version is soon to be released. And because PhoneGap acts as a wrapper for HTML and Javascript, the app could also be turned in to a mobile web site.

This app provided an opportunity to help a great cause and also to do some R&D. This was the first use of Backbone and Sass, for both Resn and myself, and the structure and approach that we created and refined for this project has been used as the foundation of other HTML projects that have been built since.

Technical Director at Resn

2011 - 2012 / Resn / Technical Director

Leadership, Client facing, R&D, Hiring, Planning, Process, Estimating, Documentation

Resn image and logo

Working with the NSFW misfits at Resn in New Zealand was fantastic. As Resn's first ever Technical Director, I oversaw the dev team and was kept pretty busy. I had one eye on a never-ending stream of exciting projects, another eye on planning, estimating, documenting and refining processes, yet another eye on interviewing, hiring, and internal reviews and one final eye on working face to face with clients and third parties.

Highlights included :

  • managing a growing team of developers and taking on bigger and more complex projects whilst also diversifying into new platforms and technologies such as HTML5, Stage3D, Objective-C iOS development, Unity3D and Air for iOS.
  • working closely with both clients and third party collaborators, ensuring buttery smooth communication and world domination.
  • overseeing the setup of a new office in Amsterdam - interviewing and hiring fresh blood and ensuring that processes and tools were in place to allow us to collaborate from opposite sides of the world.
  • working closely with Saatchi & Saatchi and the Amazon Web Platform team to build and then scale The Camry Effect to successfully withstand a deluge of traffic during a Superbowl half-time ad.
  • working with Google to promote Google+ Hangouts with the slice of fried .gif that is Face Arcade.


  • 4 x FWA Site of the Day
  • FWA Mobile of the Day
  • Design Institute of New Zealand Best Award
  • 2 x Pixel Award nominations
  • 2 x Pixel Award People's Champ awards

Misfits Personal Trailer

2011 / Specialmoves / Lead Developer & Prototyper

Flash, AS3, Facebook API, Pitch

Screenshot of the Misfits Personal Trailer

To promote the new series of Misfits, we used cutting edge Facebook video integration to immerse fans alongside their favourite characters. After a series of prototypes and test shoots we delivered an experience with a very high attention to detail.

Using Flash and the Facebook API, we pulled in the user's profile picture and rendered it in to the video. Sounds simple enough, right? Well we pushed it to the limit. The user's face didn't just hang on the wall like numerous similar projects have done since. We showed many instances of the user's face at once, graffitied the user's name on a wall, tore the face in half and even set it on fire. This wasn't your regular TV series trailer.

Feedback from fans was amazing. From wonderment and amazement to the Facebook comment, "I like Roast Pork", we definitely struck a chord.